A quality policy is a statement of intention by the management of an organization. It’s purpose is to communicate a statement of values to the members of the organization and to enlist their commitment to those values without regard to the details of specific tasks. It establishes an ideological framework for day-to-day work performance.

Tk Open Systems is currently implementing the following quality policy through employee education, standards accreditation and management infrastructure improvements:

Software support quality policy
  1. To produce products and services using a defined process
  2. To define and perform verification procedures for all products or services that we provide to customers and employees
  3. To deliver only verified or approved products and services
  4. To attain relevant certifications from standards or regulatory organizations
  5. To maintain a quality management system with the goal of improving the quality of our personnel, management, processes and products
  6. To become a self-investigative organization

We welcome feedback from employees, customers, suppliers on our implementation of this policy.