High Performance GigE Vision SDK

The TkOS GigE Vision SDK is a Linux and Microsoft Windows software solution for developing video streaming applications that use the GigE Vision streaming video protocol with the Gen<I>Cam camera interface. We provide a sample application with the SDK to help you get started.


The TkOS GigE Vision SDK achieves superior performance by polling the network card directly for incoming Ethernet packets, bypassing the operating system's IP protocol stack. In the Linux version of the SDK we do this by using NTOP's PF_RING technology to store incoming UDP packets in a userspace packet ring.

Bypassing the IP stack allows us to achieve video transfer rates of 650 Kib with less than five percent CPU usage using Intel Atom processors. The following table shows the results of a one-minute test on Xubuntu Linux using COTS cameras and CPUs.

Video frame assembly, w/o display and w/o status bar update Intel Core i5 3.20 GHz, 2 cores Intel Atom N2800 1.86 GHz, 2 cores
Camera Packet

Total Frames

per second

Height Width Bandwidth
CPU Load % CPU Load %
Sony SKX-1294 7556 894 14.9 mono12 12 1600 1200 343.30 0.70 3.20
Vieworks VG-V264-MC10 7380 16133 268.9 mono8 8 320 240 165.20 0.60 1.4
Vieworks VG-V264-MC10 7380 16038 267.3 mono16 16 320 240 328.46 1.00 2.6
Vieworks VG-V264-MC10 7380 15885 264.8 mono8 8 640 480 650.65 1.30 4.8

Source Code License

TkOS licences the source code for the GigE Vision SDK on a per-application basis. There are no run-time royalties to pay. The source code is written in C++ and includes generous documentation of the API. We also provide Makefiles for building the sample application and pre-com;piled binaries for commonly used Linux kernel versions. The sources code license includes a three-month support and waranty contract to help you get your application up and running.

Benchmarking Service

We can provide you with a performance benchmark test for your camera and processor before you make a decision on purchasing a source code license.  We will deduct the fee for this service from the price of the source code license in the event that you decide to purchase the full source code license.

Binary-only License

You can purchase a binary-only implementation of the SDK for your application, together with application integration and debugging. We integrate GigE Vision capabilities into your application using the TkOS GigE Vision SDK and licence you only the run-time binaries. This option can both reduce your overall licensing cost and outsource the GigE Vision integration a qualification work. This option is appropriate for vendors of turn-key applications such as industrial process control or surveillance applications.

Contact US

For more information on the TkOS GigE Vision SDK please contact Alan Yaniger at <alan@tkos.co.il>.